The secrets of the revelation of Jesus christ

12 secrets of life

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As God gave John the Revelation to show His Servants what must soon take place, He has given me some understanding of what is yet to come. Many events, noted in secular history books testify to the truth of the Revelation up to the present. In light of all that have already been fulfilled, the remaining prophesies can more easily be foreseen. Our Lord, in giving us the Revelation, has sounded an alarm of the coming Christian persecution that is soon to begin throughout the earth. "The Secrets of the Revelation of Jesus Christ" is presented in easy-to-understand terms with explanations based on the Word of God and secular history. I am pleased to be able to present it in the Chinese, Spanish and English languages; I believe that the desire of our Lord is to make the "The Secrets of the Revelation of Jesus Christ" known to every Christian. Please share what you have received with others in the Family of God. The "Twelve Secrets of Life" has been written to help broaden our understanding of God's written word. It may be considered as an aid to strengthen our "faith" and encourage our "action" as outlined in the "Secrets of the Revelation of Jesus Christ". As with the "The Secrets of the Revelation of Jesus Christ", I ask you to pass it on to as many of our brothers and sisters as you can.

Your brother in Christ Jesus,
Robert Lee